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So this is probably going to be my director's chair for stupid commercial/movie ideas and a soapbox attacking our current government administration and how it's all screwed up. Enjoy!

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Friday, July 22, 2005

The future of our freedom...

Wow.. 4 months since my last post. So why make one? Well... cause I have something on my mind.

Since 9/11 more and more regulations and laws have been put in effect to secure out safety and our "freedom" as Bush puts it. Our war in Iraq, to secure out freedom and spread that freedom to all those who want it. The last (almost) 4 years have been spent making America more secure so that our way of life can continue.

I'm starting to wonder if that is possible. Are the terrorists achieving their goal?

With the attacks in London we were reminded, for the first time since the Spain bombings, that we are incredible vulnerable. Millions of people every day put themselves into a position that could be potential disasterous, if they happened to be wearing a bomb. As people commute to work they board trains and buses that other people are riding. With every person who walks into a highrise they have the potential of being a terrorist and wearing a bomb. The right bombs in the rights places could cause massive problems. This is all trivial.

With advancements in technology and the every growing power of terrorists to recruit new opperatives, anybody in America (and elsewhere) could potentially be a terrorist. Anybody could potentially kill thousands.

So what do we do? How does America protect itself? With the recent bombings in London we here in America are starting to see commuters searched when boarding public transit. How else can we ensure that nobody is getting aboard our subways with backpack bombs?! We don't have the technology to scan for these things without being intrusive.

And here lies the problem. It's the ultimate conclussion that for the government and it's enforcers of policy to ensure that you, me, and every freedom loving America is safe, we must search. We can no longer say "oh, well he looks like he's from Texas, I'm sure he's OK". We saw with the Oklahoma City Bombings from the mid 90's that Americans are willing to attack Americans. So we must search, to ensure our safety.

But our government is based on personal freedoms and our right, as Americans, to not be searched. People are allowed to refuse these random searches and still get on subways, so what prevents a terrorist from saying "no" and still getting on?

Well what about the airports? We have always searched there and it has gotten much more thorough since 9/11. Well, airport searching has, for many years, been a socially accepted part of air travel, and we're all grateful that every person who gets on a plane has been searched and deemed safe for travel. But this doesn't scale? Can you imagine the problems if commuter trains/subways had the same kind of security? It wouldn't work...

So what do we do? Remove the freedoms of our citizens and say that everybody must be searched for "the greater good"? Or do we forgo searching and risk more deaths? Do we develop more technology that allows for "unobtrusive" searching, like X-Ray machines and the like? Still.. an invasion of privacy that the American public wouldn't stand for.

So... what do we do? Wouldn't it be interesting if the point of these bombings and 9/11 wasn't to kill Americans, but to force us to removing our own freedoms at the cost of our way of life?