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So this is probably going to be my director's chair for stupid commercial/movie ideas and a soapbox attacking our current government administration and how it's all screwed up. Enjoy!

Warning: All material hereafter is probably crap.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Nov 1st predictions.

So on Nov 1st I'm expecting the following two ads to air on national TV:

1st ad[vert]:
Good Evening America. On the evening of this momentum occasion I would like to empart a few words on you. Three purple hearts. Wrong War, Wrong Time. Bush smells funny when he sweats. He's made some pretty bad decisions. Why is he always falling down? I don't want a president who can't pronounce 'nuclear'. Yeeeha, Howard Dean! John Edwards hair is less of an asshole then Chaney. Lesbians, Lesbians, Lesbians! I'm John F. Kerry, and I was on The Daily Show before it was cool... three purple hearts.

2nd ad[vert]:
Good Evening America, and God Bless. Tomorrow you will go to the schools, with the big yellow buses, which have increased 50-hundred percent since I'm gotten into office because of No Child Left Behind. You'll vote. Please remember, John Kerry is a terrorist. He has voted over 98 times to INCREASE terrorists funds. He's asked America to front the bill for terrorism. His healthcare plan will give terrorists supplies, paid for by you. Look here, you can see a picture taken in 1971 of John Kerry selling wolves to a young Saddam Hussein. And here again, in a dirty three way sex orgy with Saddam, Osama Bin... Bin Laden, and himself. America, it's just that simple. John Kerry is a terrorist. Look again here, we see Senator Kerry catching a pass from Saddam. Is this the kind of man you want running America, a evil-doing terrorist? God Bless Texas! I'm George Dubya Bush and I support this message.


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