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Monday, October 11, 2004

Just a thought...

This is just a thought, and one that may go under some revising... but:

If the Whitehouse was so sure that Iraq had WMD, and they knew that Iraq had ties to Al-Qaeda, and organization that was known to have infilitrated US soil in the past, then what was the tontingency plan if going to war against Iraq would cause an unleashing of all these WMD against US soil?

See, the way I see it is that before going to war there were two things known (since then have come into question):
1. Iraq had WMD
2. Iraq had terrorist ties to Al-Qaeda and others.

Now, if I'm Saddam and I got all these WMD, and my buddies Al-Qaeda are there by my side, I'd tell them to run these things into NY harbor and wait for the invasion. As soon as one solider laid foot on Iraq soil, BOOM!

Now, if me, a retarded 24 year old with no political or military training can come to this conclussion, did our own country come to this conclussion before invaded?

If not, why not?! Seems like a pretty big hole to miss, especially after 9/11.
If so, what in the world could have been the contingency!?

In the end, I ask, what kind of administration would lead an attack against an enemy known to have WMD, the will to use them, and the ability to get inside our borders (it's not hard folks)!? Unless of course either one of those two points, the ability to use them, or the actually HAVING them, was in question at the time.... hmmm...


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