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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Here comes the politics...

So I was reading Colorado's Ballot. The following is my take on each point that I will probably get to vote on. I may not get to vote on some of these and I'm sure I get to vote in more then just these... but these are the ones I especially care about:

Amendment 36

This one was the biggest shock to me. Let's say some states start adopting this. All states, same wording. A candidate needs 270 votes to win the presidency. NOT THE MAJORITY! If our current 3 candidates were running in an election that had a few more states with this provision, it's conceivable that no candidate gets over 270 electoral college votes. If that happend it would go to the house of represenitives. Now though, each state gets ONE vote! OH SHIT! California, a huge state, gets the same voice as Montana. This is farther away from election by majority popular vote then our current system! Now, it's quite likely that there are now 50 people in the country who choose the president, instead of 6 billion. That's far from a democracy!

I'll post more later!


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