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Monday, October 18, 2004


Hi Everybody,

Last week while crusing my favorite site,, I came across a post that appeared to be for gmail invites. Since these are a high commodity it seemed odd somebody would just give them away. Alas, it was actually a fake link to a site. If you have come by the site lately you will see the same thing in the comments section (or you would have before I turned comments off).

Well, I evidentally pissed off this choad spanking script-kiddie cause he keeps posting these fake links to my comments section. He apparently thinks this is demonstration of "free speech". Which, sadly, it is. It is also a demonstration of somebody who is so pathetically lonely that his only enjoyment from life is pissing off others. I imagine this is one of those guys who gets beat up at school and teased by all the "cool" people and vents by pissing people off on the internet, claiming it under "free speech". That's fine though, cause someday he'll probably take the shampoo bottle out of his (or her) ass, come to grips with the life of a gremlin, and hopefully stop wetting the bed.

Until this little piece of shit (woohoo "free speech") decides to move on I am turning off the comments so you don't have to experiance this little shit's idea of "free speech".


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