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Saturday, August 21, 2004

XM Radio.. cause it.... rocks?

So I decided to pickup XM Radio today (over some thinking vs Sirius). All exicted, like a kid with my new Transformer, I ran home, ripped open the package and registered online. Ok, whew, ok, breathe Matt. Breathe!!!

Ok, 5 minutes lady, still no stations, just the preview channel. Don't panic, whew. (When I registered, what did "Radio ID not available" mean?. Whew, ok, did I just blow $100 bucks?

Go watch a movie, that will calm you. Netflix came in today! 2 hours later ok, time to call up. "Sorry sir, it's registered under a Tamika Terrance. Are you Tamika Terrance?" ... guess what I said...
"well sir, would you like to listen to the hold music, or listen to me beathe??" .. um, music I guess. After a moment... "Thank you for holding sir, did you like my music?". "Um, sure!". "Thank you sir, I wrote that.". !!! hahahaha...

"No kidding, well it's good, good job!"

bla bla bla

"Ok sir, it's all taken care of, now what you are going to have to do is go outside, and turn it on. Leave it on for atleast an hour until you get channels 7, 9, 49, and 121, at which point you can turn it off. If you turn it off before it's activated you have to start over. I have to do my spiel, you have to listen. It gets done but it wastes time. So lets not have to do that." HAHAHAHAH!

"No problem..."

Best phone support guy ever. We need more guys like that.


So Monday morning when I was walking out to my car I dropped the XM Radio reciever I bought. It wouldn't power up so I took it back and exchanged it (sorry Bestbuy, I lied, it didn't just 'stop working', I dropped it, eat me). The lady took about 5 minutes to break into the pain in the ass hard plastic "nobody can steal it" packaging. On the way home I call up XM to change the Radio ID on my account so this new one will work... guess what:

"Sorry sir, there's a small problem, this radio ID is already registered to a Tamika Terrance."

You've got to be kidding me... "and her account is still active with a credit card and an outstanding balance so I can't just close it... can you hold".

While Not-As-Much-Fun support guy let me listen to his crappy music (where was that cool stuff the last guy played for me?) I started thinking... (danger): How is it that TWO XM Radio's purchased from a BestBuy and both in new packaging are already registered, TO THE SAME PERSON?! "Ok sir, everything is set" .. bla bla bla, ten minutes later I have XM Radio again.

On the way into work I got to listen to Kriss Kross's Jump Jump! Booya...


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