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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Kobe Simpson...

So apparently the big talk now is that the criminal case against Kobe Bryant will get plee-bargained down to a lesser charge and not go to trial. This is because the accuser is now questioning whether or not she can have a fair trial with all the "mistakes" so far (weren't there a lot of mistakes in the Simpson case too!?). The talk is she'll make a deal with Kobe's lawyers so that the criminal case doesn't go to trial, he gets some sort of probation and then she brings up a civil suit against him (in which her and her lawyers have a lot more power to subpoena witnesses). The civil suit will probably be settled for a large amount of money (a few million, maybe right around the amount of money he dumped on the diamond ring for his wife, after he was caught).

I like what one of the radio guys said this morning, specifically a prosecuter here in CO that had some good insights.. he said (paraphrase) "she's probably sitting there going 'the system has failed, I can't get a fair trial, I'll take it to civil court'"... but I have to agree, it sure sounds like the system has failed for this girl. Let's assume Kobe did rape her, then she should get every chance to prove that in a court of law. But instead, she gets her name, her past records, and a lot of private stuff exposed that shouldn't have been, but was because of sloppy Eagle county shitheads.

Ok, let's assume he didn't rape her, and she's lying... then she should go fuck herself.. just make sure you don't claim it was rape later.

Either way, I can't help but feel this was a OJ Simpson trial all over again. Kobe's lawyers (or maybe it was just chance) got a lot of information out that makes this girl look uncredible. Rather then say "he didn't do it, she can't prove it", they went with the "she's a slut, you can't believe her" sort of tactics. So where's the similarities with OJ's case? Well, instead of attacking the problem head on, they attacked the evidence (which I guess is a good tactic, as it's worked so well).. OJ's glove's magically didn't fit him. Then again, they were probably planted by police who felt pressure to get the OJ case taken care of quickly... Once again though we have a high-profile super mega athlete who faced criminal charges and will probably get off, with barely a slap on the wrist.


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